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My God–he IS faithful

October 31, 2012


As I sit here writing this post, I'm in a beautiful mountain house, tucked away in the smokey mountains, enjoying a much-anticipated, much desired vacation.


it's been an amazing week, filled with lots of relaxation and FUN. many sweet memories have been made, and I feel more refreshed than I have in months.


As I write this, my husband and oldest son (10) are out zip lining *gulp*. Not something I ever want to do, nor did I want them to do it, and trust me, up until yesterday, I was struggling with them going. I was afraid that something terrible would happen, and I would lose them.


Yesterday, we went to an indoor amusement park type place, where all four kids insisted on climbing the HIGH rock wall. Even my little guy, who's almost 6. And he loved it. And he climbed it, over and over and over again.



As I watched my kids fight their fears and climb the wall, God was speaking right to my heart…..



He patiently reminded me of his faithfulness and how he's walked me through something much harder than a climbing wall this past year….


And as I look back over this year, I realize that he is right. It was exactly a year ago that my dad died, followed by one tragedy after another this entire year. So much turmoil and heartache and loss, all wrapped up in one year.


And yet God, He has been faithful.


When all of this started, just over a year ago, I used to wonder and fear what was coming next, and how on earth would we survive it?


But God has done such a work in my heart, and has brought me to a place where I view trial so very differently……


Now, instead of fearing what may come next, I am able to say that whatever comes, I KNOW God will see us through.


That doesn't mean that I'm asking God to BRING IT ON, but I can honestly say that my heart has changed from dreading what's coming, to wondering how Gods going to use it in my life.


Oh, there's still the heaviness of what's currently going on, but with that comes the peace that passes all understanding.


And all of this,my friends, comes from the very real truth that, My God, HE IS FAITHFUL!


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  1. November 4, 2012 10:33 pm

    Amen, Patty! He is faithful! Glad you enjoyed your vacation, too. 🙂

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