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Five minute Friday: welcome

October 5, 2012


Lord, you welcome me in so many ways, making your love for me so very real…..

I see it in the kind email from a friend, just letting know she cares…

And in the “just thinking of you” texts that come most everyday from one friend or another.

It's in the song that just happens to be playing at just the right moment, reminding me of Who you are, and who I am, in You.

It's in the phone call from the man I love, just calling to let me know he's there….

It's in the care of pastors of go above and beyond pastoral care to show their love and support.

And Lord, it's in the random hugs given to me throughout the day by these sweet babies who I'm honored to love…..

Thank you Lord, for reminding me in so many ways that I am always welcome with you……

*** I'm linking up for five minute Friday.

…and as a side note, I have created a Facebook page for pkshouse, and was wondering if you like what you read here, would you mind clicking the “like” button over to the right just letting me know? Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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