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Five minute Friday: the Object of my focus

September 14, 2012


Five minute Friday: the Object of my focus


In a season of tears and trial, I can easily become overwhelmed and focus on where I'm at, rather than on Who you are.

I have moments where all I see is the darkness, and times where I think the walls are caving in around me.

I know You're in this, and I know You're in control, yet why do I let my focus go to the pain? Why do I so quickly lose sight of You and your goodness and your amazing, amazing love that never lets go?

Thankfully, your grace covers me in those moments when I lose my focus, and your grace carrys me back to where You are….back to the reality that I'm never alone and that this trial is NOT to big for you.

** I'm linking up with the gypsy mama for five minute Friday.


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  1. September 14, 2012 2:59 pm

    Patty, this is beautiful. You prayed my heart. I’m just coming to one year since I lost my husband and it is so easy to lose focus on Him. Thank you for this post and the reminder of what and WHO is most important.

    • September 14, 2012 3:33 pm

      Vicki, my heart goes out to you. While I can’t relate to losing a spouse, I did lose my dad almost a year ago, not to mention one tragedy after another thats come without end. Our God is faithful and he will complete the work he has begun in us…I will be praying for you. Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

  2. September 14, 2012 8:48 pm

    Very lovely.

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