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encouragement in hard times….

September 12, 2012


As I read Ann's blog today, I pondered over wether or not I should link up. She asked people to share how they walk through suffering, and what spiritual practices they have learned as they've picked up their cross and followed Christ day after day.


I thought to myself that I didn't have much to share, but as the day wore on, I realized that I was wrong. Anyone who's read my blog lately knows that I've been in a significant season of trial. Trial that keeps getting worse as the days go by. And you'd know that I am weary and longing for a break from the sorrow. But my hope is that you'd also know that God has been meeting me and that he's given me reason to trust in his sovereign plan.


If you were to ask me what I've learned through this season of fire, I would tell you that though the pain has been overwhelming and the days very dark, that Gods love has shown through in so many ways….



Its shown through the kind email of a thoughtful friend, or the “thinking of you” phone calls that have come at just the right time.


It's come through the selfless love of my husband as he strives to serve me in every way possible, and in the sweet hugs of my younger ones when they see the unexpected tears starting to fall……


His amazing love has reached out to me through his Word which washes over me like a soothing balm, and though there are days when I can't seem to read more than one verse, he leads me to just the right one.


His grace has come through unexpected meals prepared by those who know where I am at right now and want to serve however they can……



If you were to ask me how I get through the day, I would tell you that when I can't take another step I say the precious name of Jesus and I experience the power of his name.


I would tell you that as the blows continue to come day after day, His love never fails. And though the circumstances continue to get worse, I can know that He stays the same.


I've said time and time again that I would never have chosen this season, this road I'm on, yet I wouldn't trade for anything the certainty and the faith that I now have in my sweet Savior…..these trials have kept me desperate for him, longing for refreshment and knowing that it can ONLY be found in him.


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