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Redeeming love….

September 9, 2012

As I sat at the park with my kids yesterday, observing their game of tag, i found myself just basking in their innocence and their sense of freedom in just enjoying each other.

They were lost in a game of tag, and as I watched them I was aware of how much they enjoyed teasing each other by trying to see how close they could get to each other without actually being tagged. My curly girl would get real close to the sibling who was “it” and then run away as fast as she could without getting caught.

My youngest would dance around in front of the “enemy”, giggle, and the bolt away when the enemy was within inches of tagging him.

As I watched their “daring” play, I found myself thinking about how easy it is for us, as believers, to play the daring game in our spiritual lives.

We can easily be tempted to compromise in this area or that, getting as close to the forbidden as we can, without getting “caught”.

Before we know it, the compromises come easier and more often, and before we know it, we’re consumed by our sin.

We become slaves to the sin, and it becomes our idol.

I can look back to many years ago in my own life and see where I compromised, and I see where I chose the world over God.

Time and time again, I was enticed by the world and the pleasures I thought it would bring. Instead of pursing God, I pursued man, thinking that a man would satisfy me in ways that only God can.

As I look back to that time in my life, I am saddened to think of the regrets that I made and the baggage that stayed with me for many years, hindering me from walking in the freedom that God had for me.

Thankfully, God kept his hand on me and he redeemed the time that I had lost. He gave me a wonderful husband and kids and a love for my Savior that I’d never known before.

I only wish that I’d learned my lesson from watching others, and learning from their mistakes—from their stories. But unfortunately, I didn’t. I had to learn my lesson the hard way, my way.

Little did I know that I would some day be on the other side of things, watching people i love make choices that will scar them, possibly forever.

Little did I know that I would be the one crying the tears of sorrow, in hopes that my loved ones will eventually come to their senses and choose God.

But I have to believe that, just as God saved me and redeemed the time that I had lost, he will do the same for those i love.

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