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Hard but right choices…

September 6, 2012


I've often wondered why making the right choice is often so hard. I mean, think about it. Sometimes, making the right choice is downright painful, especially when the choice may involve someone we love.


And yet, when we earnestly seek God and plead for wisdom and he lays it on our heart what we need to do, we can't deny it.


We can't deny the feeling of unrest and uneasiness that we may feel over doing something, when we've sought God. That unrest and uneasiness can be his way of showing what to do—or what not to do.


I'm learning that once I've made a decision based on Gods leading, that I can't go down the road of “what-ifs”. It will literally make me crazy.


If I'm following Gods leading, then I need to trust that He's going to work it all out.


I need to place things in his hands and leave it up to him.



But oh, how i wish that was easy to do.


How I wish that things were black and white and that decisions came easy. And i wish so badly that we could be guaranteed that our decisions would be met with grace by everyone involved.


Unfortunately, that's not the case.


But there's one thing that we can be confident of, and that's the truth that God will finish the work that he has begun. He hasn't promised that life will be easy, but he has promised to walk with us all the way.


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