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Always good..

July 31, 2012



Yesterday was a hard day—really hard.


About half way through the day, we noticed that something was seriously wrong with our sweet kitty, Max.


He was weak, not wanting to eat or drink, and he was throwing up green bile.




By dinner time, I seriously doubted wether he'd even make it through the night.


I was doing my best to comfort my kids, reminding them that God cares about Max and that He knows what's best, but inside I was struggling.


I found myself questioning God and asking him why he'd possibly take max during a season that was already overwhelming and hard.




And I have to admit, I was angry with God. I was doubting his goodness, should he choose to let max die.


Now I realize that Max is a cat, but he's my cat and I love him dearly. I know someday he will die, but I just couldn't fathom losing him now,not in this season.


And I wrestled with this most of the day and into the night. I had kids not sleeping well for fear Max would die during the night, and I woke up often, wondering if i should go down and check on him, yet fearful what I'd find if I did.


As I walked down the stairs early this morning, I prayed and asked God to prepare my heart for what I'd find….and he did.


As I walked into our family room, Max was sleeping in his bed, and as soon as he heard me walk into the room he woke right up. Thank God.


And as I started to talk to Max, he did what he does every morning…he climbed out of his bed and went right to the pantry, where he knew his treats were. Through my tears, I was thanking God as I handed max his treat and watched him eat it right up with no hesitation.


Max has been doing so much better today…he's eating and drinking, he's not throwing up, and he's walking around like normal.


Not only did God help my kitty,but he helped my heart. And he taught me something very important in the process..


He taught me that I can trust him with everything–even my sweet Max—and that he still would've been good had he chosen to let max die.


I'm so thankful that God doesn't give up on me in my times of doubt and that he's good—all the time!


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  1. July 31, 2012 5:16 pm

    I’m so glad he’s okay!

  2. August 2, 2012 8:47 pm

    Hi Patty,

    I’m so glad to hear that Max is okay, too! That’s wonderful, and God is good. Always good.

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