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seeing the hardest days as gifts…

July 30, 2012
On days when everything seems to be going wrong, it's hard to see the gifts….

when the bickering is constant, the tattling never ceasing, and your name has been called more times than you can count, it's hard to see the blessing.




in a season where the trial doesn't seem to have an end in sight and the circumstances grow bigger by the day, it's near impossible to find the good…..




but as we well know, near impossible doesn't mean completely impossible.



and if we look around—really look around, beyond the circumstances—we can find so many reasons to be thankful.


On this monday–this very challenging Monday—I am counting his many gifts……


….grace, especially for the hardest of days




….a wonderful weekend away with my sweet mom


….safe travels over the weekend


….rockin to the oldies,drinking mountain dew, and eating chocolate…all in one trip!


….a husband who releases me to have much needed time away




….his mercies are new every morning….


….I've been redeemed. Thank you,Jesus.

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