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this journey…..

June 20, 2012



As I admired these rose buds, fresh from our garden, i found myself comparing these roses to our spiritual journey.


As we begin our walk with Jesus, we start out as tiny rosebuds—still new and “unopened”—with a lack of knowledge regarding our Savior’s love.


But as time goes by, and we begin to grow in our knowledge of God and our love for him, little by little the rose buds open up, becoming more beautiful each and every day.


After much trial and pain we may feel weathered and anything but beautiful, but when Jesus looks at us, he sees the beauty of a rose in full bloom…….


He sees the hurt and the sorrow of trials that come and go…..


And he sees the heartache and the weariness of his beloved children…..


None of it goes unnoticed by him……..


But as we trust him and continue to follow him–even through the storms–this journey will bring us to full bloom, where we will then be like Him…..beautiful and carrying a sweet aroma that can’t be missed.



** I’m linking up today with Walk with Him Wednesdays…..


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