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embrace the camera: happy birthday, Noah!

June 14, 2012



dear noah,


How can it be that 10 years have gone by since I gave birth to you,my oldest son?


I remember my pregnancy with you very, very well……


I found out I was pregnant with you when I was 5 weeks along.


A week later we thought I was losing you..


After many scares and visits to the doctor, we found out that I had a hemorrhage in my uterus, that would hopefully go away with time.



It wasn’t until I was 20 weeks along that the hemorrhage decided to heal itself–or rather, God healed me.



The rest of the pregnancy went smooth until you decided to be born 3 weeks early, taking us all by surprise.


I can’t tell you the joy daddy and I felt, having just given birth to our first son.


You have been a source of joy in our home for 10 years now,and we couldn’t be more proud of the young man that you are.


We love you….






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