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Beauty beyond the ashes….

May 31, 2012


In a season of trial and suffering that seems to have no end, one can wonder at the meaning of it all….


One can begin to think, “where is God, and why is he allowing this to happen?”


One could actually become bitter and even angry at God for allowing such pain to persist.



It’s hard when we don’t understand why we have to suffer so…..


And we don’t get why the trials have to come, especially one right after the other.


And there’s no explanation for the sorrow that seems to hang on…..




I know this, because this is where I’ve been for almost a year now.


there are days when I just want to throw up my hands and give up.


Days when I just want to shake my fist at God and plead for a break from the pain…..




But as I’ve thought about this quite often lately, God has helped me to see one very real truth…..


He’s helped me to see that,though I’ve walked through the fire, I have NOT been burned.


And though the waves have been high and the storm fierce, I have not been consumed….



It’s true that trials make us more dependent on God….they make us aware of our desperate need for him.


And though this past year has been long and hard, I have known sweet communion with my Lord.


It hasn’t always come through his Word or through long hours of prayer…


More often than not, it has come through knowing the peace that passes all understanding….


The peace that could only come from God.

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  1. May 31, 2012 9:32 pm

    I know this too…intimacy with Him is healing and bring about a peace beyond our understanding…

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