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another school year behind us….

May 22, 2012

yesterday we finished up our school year.


it’s a bit ironic to me that another school year has come and gone.


as I look back to our past few years of home school, i am amazed that we made it through.





and I find myself at the end of each year, totally amazed that we accomplished what needed to be accomplished.


as I look back over this past year, i can’t see how things got done–and yet, they did.


believe me, all the glory goes to God.





a month into our school year, my dad passed away.


in the months following my dad’s passing, one crisis after another has hit our home, each one rocking our world moreso than the last.


and quite honestly, there are days when I haven’t been sure I’ll survive.



and yet, here we are, on the other side of another school year, and we survived.


we finished what needed to be done, and now summer lies ahead with promise….


not a promise that all will go well and trials won’t come



but a promise that He will walk with us, every step of the way…


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