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multitudes on Monday’s…..

May 14, 2012



As I went through the day yesterday, I reflected on how very different this mothers day turned out to be.


All five of my kids were gathered around the breakfast table, gracing me with gifts and handmade cards.



There was much laughter—and some tears—as I realized how very blessed I am.


This day could’ve played out so differently…..I could’ve only seen the faces of my four youngest kids, and mourned the presence of my oldest girl.



But God had other plans…..


He brought my precious girl home, unexpectedly and not without scars.



He’s given us a new start, another chance to love and be loved.


We have a long road ahead—one that won’t be easy or without pain—but we have a Savior who heals and restores.



I know firsthand that Jesus can redeem what the enemy has taken away……


And I know that things can be sweeter than they ever were before.



I also know that there will be bumps along this road to recovery, and I know that this pain in my heart won’t go away anytime soon.


Though she’s home, the ache inside my heart hasn’t gone away. I’m not “over” the devastation or the pain…..


I know that the healing will take time and that there will still be many twists and turns in the road…


But I also know that my baby is home, and for now I am going to enjoy her while I can.


***join me as I link up with Ann today, as we continue to count His many gifts…..


….my beautiful brown-eyed girl, home once again


….sweet love notes from a precious 11 year old girl


….cuddles with my 9 year old boy with the freckles on his nose


….the way her curls frame her sweet face


….being embarrassed by a certain five year old who never ceases to make me laugh


….not having to cook AT ALL on mothers day!


….portillos chocolate cake


….Starbucks frappiccinos, especially on mothers day, via my sweet hubby


….grace upon grace upon grace…






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  1. May 15, 2012 9:30 am

    Beautiful pictures, Patty! I’m so glad you got to spend mother’s day with all of your kids. 🙂 Love your blouse.

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