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mother’s day~2012

May 13, 2012



On this mothers day I will celebrate 18 years of motherhood.


I will wake up to the beautiful faces of my five kids and the tender kiss of my wonderful husband.



We will attend church as a family and go out to my favorite restaurant for lunch—followed by my favorite chocolate cake.


I will spend the day enjoying the company of the precious family God has given to me, and I will love each and every moment.



I will spend the day thinking about the many wonderful moms in my life…..


there’s my own beautiful mom, who brought me into this world and has shown me unconditional love throughout my life.


Then there’s my sweet mother-in-law, who gave life to the man I love. I don’t deserve her or the friend that she has been to me, and I love her with all my heart.




Then there are the many wonderful moms who also happen to be my friends ….these women touch my life in a number of ways. Through their godly example of motherhood, I have learned invaluable lessons in parenting my kids.


And last but not least are the precious wives of our pastors. These women are some of the most selfless, sacrificial women I know, and I am honored to be under their care.


Happy Mothers Day!

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