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Mama….a life time commitment

May 12, 2012



when I first became a mom, I had no idea the commitment that would accompany that title.


Little did I know, with each baby came a lifetime commitment–a commitment to love, accept, and care for them— no matter what.

I could’ve never imagined the way it feels to hurt when your child hurts, or the way I’d long to save them from a world full of pain.



As a mama, my job never ends. From toddlers to adults, my kids will always need my love.


And though I’m not perfect, and I have and will make mistakes, I have an awesome opportunity to share the love of God with my kids.




Not a “perfect” love that expects perfection of my kids, but a messy love–one that shows love and acceptance, even through the mire and the hard times.


A love that says, “I’m sorry” when I fail them, and “I love you”, when they fail me.


I’m not a perfect mommy, I know that for sure.


But i have a perfect Savior, and in Him I have all I need.




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