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walking in my shoes……

April 14, 2012


a year ago, i never would’ve imagined walking through the season I’m in right now.


I couldn’t have imagined the pain I feel or the emotional exhaustion that has become a permanent part of my life.




And yet, God is once again using my pain to teach me new and life-long lessons.



I am realizing that God is using my current trial to help me to have compassion on others.


He’s given me a clearer understanding of what it means to walk in someone else’s shoes, and how hard it is to really understand a person’s heart until you have, in fact, walked in their shoes.



I’ve learned this first hand. As I’ve walked through this trial, I have received many a comment that has been intended with love, yet hasn’t landed so lovingly on my heart.


It’s in those times that I have to guard my heart and not take offense to what has been shared.



And God is using those times to remind me that those people making the comments–they haven’t walked in my shoes.


And until we’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, we can’t even begin to claim to know what’s best for them.



We can’t begin to understand their pain or their reasons for the choices they’ve had to make.


And we can’t assume that we know better than they do……




As their friends–and as someone who cares for them very much–the best thing we can do for them is love them.

We can love them and pray for them, that God makes their way clear and that they know his love along the way.

And the next time we are tempted to judge someone for their choices, let’s be quick to remember that we haven’t walked in their shoes……

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