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parenting lessons 101

April 10, 2012

through this difficult season, God is teaching me new things along the way.

it’s as if he’s working from the inside out to change the way i parent my kids…..

i used to fear trying to draw out the hearts of my kids, because i was afraid i wouldn’t use the “right” words.

i was afraid that i wouldn’t say exactly what they needed to hear, therefore messing them up for good…..

and i used to think that i need to be strong for my kids, because letting them see my weaknesses might change their view of me….

it might scare them seeing that mommy struggles and that mommy cries too…

i always thought that i had to get it just right with them or all my past efforts would be in vain…

and i feared that my seasons of inconsistency would ruin them for life.

but you know what? i see things much differently now.

i now see that i don’t have to fear drawing out the hearts of my kids, because God will give me the right words to say.

he designed me just for these kids, and he will show me exactly what they need to hear…..

and i’ve realized that i don’t have to always be strong for my kids, because it’s in my weakness that his power shows through….

it’s in seeing mommy crying out to Jesus for help that they are seeing what a relationship with Jesus really is….

when i am real with them, they can feel free to be real with me.

and they’ll never have to fear that they won’t measure up to my standards…..

and though i have walked through many seasons of inconsistency with my kids, i now know that God can redeem that time, and he can use it to grow hearts of faithfulness in my kids.

God gave me these precious babies, therefore I can be confident that he will give me what i need to raise them….

and in those times when i don’t get it “quite right”‘ i am now confident that God can fill in the gaps.

he doesn’t expect me to be a perfect mommy…..he expects me to love him with all my heart and to let that love spill over onto my precious kids.

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  1. April 10, 2012 8:49 am

    Thank you for pointing me to God’s faithfulness, especially in the mommy areas! 🙂

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