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another monday…….

April 2, 2012


it’s monday again. for me, that means the beginning of another week where i’m picking up the pieces of the still-shattered hearts of my kids.


it’s been 2-1/2 months since my oldest daughter walked out, and it hasn’t gotten any easier for my other kids to accept.



we’ve somewhat learned a new “norm” that works for us and we’re used to now being a family of 6 rather than 7.


i no longer anticipate her coming down the stairs in the morning, and the kids don’t ask when she’s coming home.



the shock has worn off, yet the after affects are still lingering behind…..


instead of explaining why (which is impossible to explain when i don’t fully get it myself) she left the way she did, i’m now explaining to two of my kids that they ARE loved, even though someone in their life has made them feel as though they aren’t.




it’s not easy to do—explaining away the pain and deep wounds.


and how does one convince a child that they ARE loved, though actions sometimes show them otherwise…..



i quite often feel unequipped for this season i’m in, wondering from one minute to the next if things will ever get easier for my family—especially my kids


wondering if they will always hurt this much over selfish decisions that were made in haste…..




as i daily remind myself that i can’t be ruled by my feelings, but rather by what i KNOW to be true, the Lord sweetly reminds me that this is true for my kids as well……


and he reminds me that just as he’s using this season to mold and shape me, he is able to do the same for my precious kids.




i trust Him and i KNOW his Word to be true.


and because i have tasted of his goodness and faithfulness, i know that i can trust him with the hurting hearts of my kids as well…..


i’m joining with ann and many others today as we continue to count his many gifts……


….his mercies, which are new every morning

….early spring!

….a sunday afternoon spent with my dearest friends

….only two weeks of tax season left!

….an anticipated lunch date with an old friend

….the truth that i am his and that nothing can change my standing before God

….he knows my heart and he intercedes for me on my behalf

…..when i can’t find the words to say, he knows anyway

….my blog–where I can openly share my heart and hopefully bless others in the process

….worship music….where would i be without the ability to sing praises to my God

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