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times like these…..

March 27, 2012

how does one pick up the broken pieces of those around her when she herself is broken and bare?



and how does one comfort those around her when she herself needs comforted?



and what am i to do when these little ones around me are needing to learn how to be patient and kind and self-controlled, when i myself am lacking in those very things?



it is as if i am being stretched and pulled every which way, and i can’t find it within me to give anything else.



i want to give. i want to listen and hear and understand. but the sadness and chaos in my heart and in my head seems to crowd out everything else, leaving no room.



i know and believe that God is near and that he will never leave me. but right now my heart doesn’t know his comfort or his peace. it’s as if i’m numb and unable to feel.



it’s in times like these when i go on what i know to be true, wether I feel it or not.




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  1. March 27, 2012 8:59 pm

    I love the pics you have used with your words.

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