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5 minute friday: loud

March 23, 2012

over at Lisa-jo’s, we write for 5 minutes—no editing, or worrying about it looking “just so”. we just write…wanna come along?











the weariness, the sadness, and the overwhelming grief are all so loud in my heart and in my mind


they are characteristics of this season i’m in — a season that i’m desperately longing to move on from.


and though i’m learning much along the way—lessons that are valuable and life-changing—the noise is so loud that i often can’t even form a thought…..


i take comfort in knowing the He knows my thoughts and he knows my heart….




he calms the waves that are so loud that they drowned out anything else…..

and he brings peace that comes both during and after the storm….

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  1. March 23, 2012 6:20 am

    Sounds like you are in a season of winter of the heart and I pray spring will arrive there soon. Nice to meet you through FMF. And I don’t usually promote my blog in comments but I wrote a story this week on Tuesday that echoes what you said here. Just in case it speaks to you.

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