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March 20, 2012


so many uncertainties fill my heart and my mind these days…and quite honestly, my life.


uncertainties about what tomorrow holds and wether or not i am prepared…..





there’s the uncertainty of wether or not our family will ever fully heal from the devastation that has ripped us apart…..


and there’s the uncertainty of wether or not there will ever be complete reconciliation in broken relationships….



theres certainly the uncertainty of not knowing when to believe and when to guard my heart…..




so many uncertainties—more than I can count—-and yet there is one place where my uncertainties are put to rest….



it’s when i’m in the presence of my Savior…..


it’s in his presence where the doubts slip away, and the fears dissolve …..





it’s when i focus on remembering Who he is and who I am in Him……


and it’s in worshipping him throughout my day—focusing on his sovereignty and his grace….



while the uncertainties may come and the fears may rise, i can rest in the promise that He will never leave me or forsake me……

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