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the joy dare: march 12

March 12, 2012


did you know that even in the most difficult of seasons, joy can be found?



you might have to look for it….as a matter of fact, you may have to look h.a.r.d.

But it can be found.



it can be found in the smile of a sweet little boy, or in a kiss from the one you love….



it can be found in fresh spring flowers and a warm breeze…..



it can be found in good friends and loved ones…..



but the greatest Source of joy is found in the love of Jesus….



he is the Giver of all good things….


He is perfect Peace, the Lover of our soul….

Joy Dare is counting 1,000 gifts in 2012…..come join in….


….Sunday evening date with the man I love

….the “giddiness” I experience when he holds my hand

….even knowing my faults, she thinks I’m the best

….tiger Lilies coming up—a sign of spring!

….the willpower to get up and exercise this morning—thank you, God!

….God can take care of my kids even better than I can…what a relief!

….the innocence of a five-year-old little boy

….sweet friends voluntarily babysitting so we can go out on a date

….his mercies are NEW every morning!

….the JOY of the Lord IS my strength


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