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a glimmer of light…..

March 9, 2012



as i sat down to have my quiet time in the early hours of the morning, i saw the sun just barely coming up over the horizon.

as I was looking at it and admiring the beauty of the orange glow standing out against the still dark sky, i was reminded of God’s love and faithfulness in my life

i was reminded of how—even in the darkest of times—God allows little glimmers of light to shine through in our seasons of trial to remind us that he’s there.

even something as simple and normal as the sun coming up in the morning can be a reminder that God is still in control.



he is in control even when i feel as though everything around me is out of control

he is in control even when depression tells me i’m alone

he is in control when the house is a mess, the kids are fighting, and the laundry still isn’t put away


when it seems like the “rain” will never stop falling in this heart of mine, he is in control.


I love the song, I need you, by kristian stanfill….it’s a good reminder of our desperate need for Jesus—every moment of everyday….

I am frail, broken easily

Without fail, my strength keeps failing me

All alone, I’m powerless
To lift myself from the pit that I am in

I need You, Jesus
I need You, Jesus

From Your throne in heaven’s light
Descended down into my broken life
To right the wrong, to make a way
To bear the load that I deserved to bear alone

I need You, Jesus
I need You, Jesus
I need clean hands
I can’t, You can
I need You, Jesus

On the cross on our behalf
The Son of God bore the Father’s wrath
And by His blood, the scars and pain
The perfect Son, took the fall and took our place

In His grace and unfailing love
The risen King gave His hand to us
To lift us up, from the pit
And set our feet upon a rock that ever stands

On my own I’ve tried and tried
To save myself, to fill my life
But the more I do the more I find
That I need You, I need You, I need You


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  1. MarySue permalink
    March 10, 2012 3:53 pm

    So glad you are choosing to look at the glimmer! ❤

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