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gluten-free challenge

March 4, 2012

when we found out a few months back that one of my kids was intolerant to gluten and processed corn, I decided to to a bit of research on gluten and it’s affects on people.

in my research, I found that gluten contributes to depression and a variety of other health issues in some people. considering the fact that depression has been a struggle for me this past year and the fact that I don’t feel too well after eating certain baked goods made with white flour, I have decided to join some friends of mine in a gluten-free challenge for the month of march.

we’re four days into it, and so far, it hasn’t been too hard. it helps that i’m not a big bread person and there are quite a variety of gluten- free “goodies” out there to satisfy my sweet tooth. within the first two days, i was constantly reaching for the goodies rather than the foods that were actually good for me. i’ll be taking care of that problem tomorrow when I pull out my weight watchers calculator and start tracking my food again…with all that’s been going on in my life lately, i haven’t been making wise food choices at all.

as i begin this gluten-free journey—and am having to put more thought into what I eat—i am reminded of how this gluten-free challenge is a lot our spiritual lives. we need to be constantly mindful of what we’re filling our hearts with, and not allow ourselves to “nibble” too much on the enticing “desserts” the world has to offer.

as we allow more and more of the world into our hearts, there is less room for the things of God. and before we know it, our heart is so desirous of the world that we lose all desire to grow in godliness.

i know this to be true because i’ve lived it. i’ve walked away from God for a season—thought i “had it all together”—only to end up regretting the choices i had so foolishly made. and twenty-some years later, i still regret some of the choices i made during that time in my life.

and though i know God has forgiven me and has redeemed the years that i wasted, the memories and regrets never completely go away.

i am so thankful that God has forgiven me for my sins and for the way I walked away from him during those years….and though i regret those years, i am thankful for what God has chosen to teach me along the way.

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