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the sun always comes up

March 3, 2012

we’ve come to the end of yet another week. A week filled with the day-to-day grind—a week filled with the reality that life is often hard.

seasons come wether we want them or not, and sometimes we feel as though we will fall under the weight of it all.


i know that for me, during this difficult season that i’m in, there are nights when i crawl into bed and my first thought is that i’ve survived another day.

i’ve managed to feed 4 kids and a husband, get school done and hopefully the laundry too, and everyone went to bed somewhat happy.


but in my heart, the heaviness is often still there as i lay my head on the pillow, not really finding comfort in having survived another day.

but i am learning that merely surviving the day isn’t  where my comfort comes from anyway……


no, my comfort comes from knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow morning, and God’s mercies will be new.

he will give me much grace for the new day and he will walk beside me until my head once again hits the pillow that night.


i am so thankful that my standing before God isn’t dependent on wether I have a good day or wether i just survived….

and what a comfort it is,knowing that God will allow the sun to rise again in my soul as well…..

we serve a great and mighty God….

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