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the “ache” of motherhood

March 2, 2012

with motherhood, there comes an ache that never goes away.

theres the ache that comes with longing to hold that baby in your arms for the very first time

theres the ache of watching that baby grow and wanting so badly to teach them all the “right” things

as they grow into teens and start trying to figure out who they really are apart from us, we ache to protect them from the world and from the consequences of their choices

so many aches accompany this journey of motherhood, and often times the ache can be so bad that we feel like our heart might  just break…..and sometimes it does.

**i’m linking up withLisa Jo for five-minute Friday…that’s where we spend 5 minutes just writing, not worry about how it looks…just writing from the heart.  Come along and join us…

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