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loving him…..

February 15, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

the day my husband and i said, “i do” we had no idea what we were signing up for.

it’s funny, because on our wedding day, we saw blue skies and sunny days ahead, with nothing but happiness ahead of us.

little did we know, our journey would be quite different than that…..

little did we know, we would lose loved ones, including a child–the twin to our sweet gabrielle.

and we had no idea the stress and worries that would accompany each of our 4 pregnancies.  with each one, there were risks and complications–each one pushing us to God for strength.

we didn’t realize that we’d struggle as parents, crying out to God for a strength we can’t find within ourselves….

we didn’t bargain for my struggle with depression, or the fact that menopause would rear it’s ugly head way earlier than i thought possible…..

though our journey has been marked with scars and bumps along the way, there have been other things we didn’t expect either….

we didn’t know that almost 14 years on the other side of “i do”, we would know a love so deep that we don’t know where the one starts and the other ends….

and i had no idea that i would be able to feel his love for me, even when we’re silent.

i never would’ve believed that his warm body curled up next to mine would be the factor in me being able to sleep well at night.

i love this man.

i adore him.

i love living life with him, and sharing the ups and downs and everything in between.

and though we’ve had struggles along the way, our marriage is stronger because of it…all because God used those struggles to build our marriage and give us a strength that could only come from him…

**i’m linking up today with ann for walk with him wednesdays……

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