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February 10, 2012

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about choices, and how the choices we make affect those around us.

I think it’s easy for people to make choices based on what they want, and not take into consideration how their choices will affect others.

I can think back to my wayward years, as i like to call them, and I can remember how the wrong choices i made affected not only me, but my parents as well. But I wanted what I wanted, and didn’t stop to consider others.

It makes me sad to look back at those years and those choices, yet now I can look back to those years and be grateful for Christ’s amazing work in my life.

And I can see how God took the ashes of that time in my life and turned them into something beautiful….but not without a cost.

Unfortunately, there’s always a cost.

My home is filled long discussions right now regarding choices…and there are many tears being shed over the hurt certain choices have caused.

I’m constantly wiping tears right now—either mine or those of a sweet child who doesn’t understand why things happen the way they do.

And sadness aside, I think the hardest part for me is looking back at the hard road I chose all those years ago, and wishing I could protect those I love from taking that same path….

But i can’t. Because God gives us free will and leaves it up to us what choices we will make.

So today, while I’m fighting sadness and grief, I am going to make a choice—a choice to trust God that his ways are good and that he will give me the grace i need to make it through this day.



**i’m linking up with Lisa Jo today for five minute Friday…..

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  1. February 10, 2012 8:12 am

    Been there done that…Be encouraged today because sowing and reaping trust to God also yields fruit..healthy beautiful fruit but it takes patience with yourself with Him and with His time schedule. He is so good.

  2. February 10, 2012 10:59 am

    I’m so glad that God takes the ashes of our lives and makes something beautiful out of them!

    I’m like you, I wish I could keep my loved ones from making wrong choices. I can’t. But I can trust Him to make it all work out.

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