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Dads first birthday in Heaven

January 24, 2012

dear dad,

I can  hardly believe you’ve been gone for close to 3 months now and that tomorrow you will celebrate your first birthday in Heaven, with Jesus.  What a glorious celebration that will be!

dad, words cannot express how deeply I miss you and love you, nor can I explain the turmoil my heart is currently in.

It appears that in the past 3 months, not only have I lost you, but possibly your oldest granddaughter as well.

You see, dad, she left home.  Half- way through her senior year, with no means of caring for herself.

And my heart is shattered.  As well as Greg’s and the other kids.

Life In our home will never be the same again.

I know you can relate to my feelings….many, many times you watched me make choices that you knew would end in pain and hard consequences, and you lovingly warned me, but I never listened.  I respectfully thanked you for your care, but I still stuck with my choice.

I honestly believe that it was your years of faithful, consistent prayers that finally brought me to my knees.  And for that, I will be forever grateful.

Because Jesus heard your prayers and he opened my eyes to the gospel and changed my life forever.

I believe God can and will do that for her as well, but I so fear the consequences of her choices.

I know if you were here and well, you would drive right up here and probably wouldn’t leave until you had a chance to talk to her.  She thought the world of you, just like I do.

As much as I miss you, i am so thankful that you are no longer laying in a bed all day long.

But instead, you are with Jesus.  You’ve waited to so long to meet him face to face, and I love trying to picture you running into the arms of Jesus, and hearing him say, “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

I love you dad, and again, happy birthday.

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