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A mama’s heart

January 23, 2012

How does a mama’s heart keep from hurting as she watches her 18 year old choose the road the leads to destruction ?

What does a mama do when this child thinks she has it all figured out?

Whats this mama to do when the child just walks out the door last Sunday afternoon–after unexpectedly informing us only minutes before that she’s moving out–and tells us that she doesn’t want authority in her life and that she won’t be coming back…ever.

My mama heart breaks for this girl who so desperately wants a taste of the world…..who wants to be in the world because that’s where she finds pleasure.

What she doesn’t know is that the worldly pleasures are fleeting, and if they don’t destroy you , consider yourself spared.

I want so badly to get though to her, but I can’t…only God can.

And so, I am choosing to give her up to him…minute by minute, day by day.

Because really, when I think about it, shouldn’t I be doing that daily anyway, with all 5 of my kids?

Even through the darkest of valleys, there is still so much to be thankful for.  I’m linking up today with Ann Voskamp……..

…..the gift of an amazing pastoral team

….friends who are carrying these burdens right alongside us

….medication to heal sickness in our home

….snow….lots of snow

….boots,gloves,hats, scarves and sleds=lots of snowy fun

….an amazing husband who is carrying my load  right now as I am on the couch sick

….a Savior who’s love never fails

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