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Quiet in the chaos…..

January 15, 2012



t’s the end of the day and as I look around me, I see the evidence of a day well lived.


There are unwashed cups on the counter, and food spattered here and there. All proof that we ate and drank lived here in this place.


There are clothes thrown over chairs because little ones were having way to much fun to go put them away where they belong……


As I put the kids to bed tonight while big sister and dad are away, I was aware of the toys that were scattered all over the living room floor. But you know what, it didn’t bother me this time. Not at all.

Because those toys are a reminder to me tonight that my kids are all healthy and happy and they played together all day long.


And as i walk towards my comfy couch—with chocolate and A&W in hand—I see a sweet kitty laying on my warm blanket just waiting for me to come and cuddle with him.

So here I sit, having said good night for the umpteenth time to all 4 kids who have come down at least once since going to bed just a few short minutes ago, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

Relief that I can now sit down and hopefully soak in a few precious moments of quiet and reflect on all that God has done for me.

Through the craziness and chaos of this day, there were moments when I wanted to yell for everyone to PLEASE. BE. QUIET., and CAN’T YOU ALL JUST SIT STILL FOR 5 MINUTES?

But I didn’t. I guess it’s because I knew this would be our last Saturday with daddy home until after april 15th and I didn’t want to rob the kids of the joy of having him here.

Or maybe it was because even though the noise makes my head spin at times, I know there will come a day when I will have a tidy house with no kids, and I will miss It like crazy.

Either way, I am thankful for this day….thankful for a family who loves me right where I’m at…

Thankful for a husband who makes his family his first priority, right after his God.

Thankful for the few minutes of quiet reflection and the realization that all good and perfect gifts come from Him…..

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  1. January 16, 2012 1:22 am

    I think that is one of the most important things to learn – is to not sweat the little stuff and zoom in on what really matters! It’s also challenging when the big guy is away on business – but God equipped us to overcome! Praying for strength in the weak moments!

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