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Gratituesday….being thankful, even in the choas

January 10, 2012


t’s been one of those days around here.

you know the kind of day i’m talking about.

the kind of day that starts out rough from the minute you step out of bed.

you manage to sit down for your quiet time when your two sweet boys come down–not once–but twice to ask you questions, and you lose your whole train of thought the minute they enter the room–and it never returns.

you then sit down to breakfast, only to have the kids constantly interrupt during the devotions and they are carrying on so loudly that you have to yell (of course with a smile  🙂  ) to get their attention back to the devotions.

you then go down to your basement to get some school books you need, only to realize that there is a foul smell down there somewhere.  you proceed to go back upstairs, the whole time wondering what on earth could’ve caused that smell.  then, a short time later, your oldest comes upstairs complaining that they stepped on a pillow down on the basement floor and the willow was soaked with—are you ready for this?—can pee.  yeah, i’m serious.

you then realize that the sweet, adorable, and lovable kitty that your mom gave you has resorted to wetting on your basement pillows.  can i just add that by this point, you are NOT happy?  and joy is certainly NOT  easy to find.

you try to go on with your morning, starting up with day 2 of second semester, only to have your adorable little first grader insist that she just can’t add the number 6 to any other number at this time.  though it is amazing to you that after spending some time alone in her room finding her “happy” heart she is more than willing and ABLE to add the number 6 to anything you ask!

and during all of this drama, your adorable kindergartener is going from workbook to workbook “finishing” them all in the process.

you add to that your 5th grader, who has proceeded to whiz right through ALL of her school work and thinks it is a fate worse than death to have to do a little extra….OH THE DRAMA!!!

and the morning only gets better…trust me.

lets just say that your oldest has a fit over the choices for lunch (and can i just say that fits are even less pleasant when they come from a teen) and your youngest has a fit because mom accidentally had someone put ketchup on his sandwich—BUT HE DIDN’T WANT KETCHUP!

you somehow manage to scarff down your salad, barely remembering what you’re eating, amidst all of the noise and chaos all around you, and proceed to bring lunch time to a close.

all seems well until you go back down in the basement to get some items from your pantry for dinner tonight —at least you’re thinking about dinner ahead of time—and you smell CAT POOP.  not the normal “oh the kitty must’ve just used the litter box” kind of smell, but the “EEWWW, THAT IS SO BAD!” kind of smell.

you then proceed to head over to where the litter box is, only to find that the same sweet, adorable kitty had pooped on the floor—ONLY A FOOT BEFORE THE LITTER BOX!  UUGGH!

needless to say, you are less than happy about this and you wonder how on earth such a cute little critter could cause your blood to boil.

it is now afternoon, and your kids are all happily sitting in front of a movie while your 5 year old is having rest time in his room.  i say “rest time” because he appears to be boycotting his nap today.  his much needed nap.  and you know he’s boycotting it, because he has come out of his room about 10 times in the past half hour to ask you questions.  good thing he’s cute, huh?  🙂

anyway, you are now sitting in front of your computer, trying to think of something profound and creative to blog about, but instead, all you can do is complain about your day!

can i just say, that amidst the chaos and craziness of this day, i have thought about pulling my hair out, leaving the country, or maybe just screaming while dancing in crazy circles.  all of which i’m sure would be quite ammusing to my kids.

but instead, i have whispered prayers of thanks to God for giving me these crazy wonderful kids, and the adorable cuddly cat (i’ve also asked God for wisdom as to how i should deal with this cat, as well) and for giving me the awesome privilege of having my kids home with me during the day.

my life may be crazy and busy and some days quite overwhelming,but i wouldn’t trade this life for anything in the world.  why?  because it is the life that God has chosen for me and i know that he will give me everything i need to live it well.

what are you thankful for today?  wanna like up with me over at Heavenly Homemakers for Gratituesday?

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  1. January 10, 2012 5:30 pm

    Wow! What a day you had, Patty! And I can totally relate.Lately, I’ve been struggling to remain patient while more than one person needs something from me and, of course, they want whatever they need the instant they ask for it.

    It’s wonderful, though, that you are thankful for it all, because it IS wonderful to be able to be home with our kids….we just need a break every now and then. 🙂 Some peace and quiet would be nice, too.

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