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Word for 2012:INTENTIONAL

January 7, 2012



have been going back and forth over the idea of having a “word” for this new year.  i know other people do that and i think it’s cool when i read about it on their blogs.

but when i’ve thought about doing it for myself, i have been a bit intimidated by the idea.

and you wanna know why?

because sharing with others my “word” for 2012 makes me feel like i have to be–are you ready for this?–ACCOUNTABLE.

i mean, can you imagine such a thing?  accountability?

well, the more i thought about it, the more i realized that i NEED accountability.  so, as i have been praying about this year, i feel that the Lord has shown me the perfect word for 2012:


when i looked up the definition of intentional, here’s what i found: done in a way that is planned or intended:deliberate.

consistency has never been a strong point for me and it’s something that i have asked God to help me grow in this past year.  he has helped me to grow a lot in this area, and yet, there are still areas where i fail to be consistent.

as i read this post yesterday, it was like a lightbulb went on in my head and i immediately had one of those “AH HA!!” moments!  as i read this phrase by emily, i was struck by the reality of what she said:

instead, i thought about how i could try to make every aspect of my life better…and for me, that was to be more intentional.
more intentional in my marriage…parenting…eating choices…my actions…words i say…ways i treat my friends…the list could go on and on.
and it was in that moment that i realized something very important.  the only way i can grow in being more consistent in areas like parenting and exercise, is by being intentional!
i can easily find myself complaining over the lack of obedience in my kids, and yet i will repeat myself 20 times instead of being intentional in my parenting and actually training them to obey!
and i have NO problem saying that i need to be exercising, but yet what am i intentionally doing about it?  not a darn thing!  oh, wait…actually i am complaining about how good i was about it back before Christmas, but how i need to get back to it ONE OF THESE DAYS.
so my prayer is that God will help me to grow in not only being consistent, but that i will be intentional.  because without being intentional, there’s no way i will be consistent.  the two sort-of go together, don’t you think?
as a way to help myself in this area, i am considering setting aside one day each week to share on here how i’m doing in this area.  it scares me to do this, but that’s probably a good sign that i need to!
more than anything else, i want to be a good steward of what God has given me:  my marriage, my kids, my relationship with God…all of it comes from him, and i want to honor him….but the only way that’s going to happen is if i’m
how about you?  has God given you a word for this year?  and if so, are you going to be intentional? 
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