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the countdown until Christmas…

December 22, 2011


e’re only 3 days away from Christmas and our home is buzzing with wild kids, way too many goodies, and the joyous news that Nana(my mom) has decided to come for Christmas!!

there’s still lots to do….more goodies to bake, gifts to wrap, and a few last minute groceries to buy, and in the midst of all the excitement, i can easily feel the anxiety start to build.

i can find myself start to go through the list of things to do and i begin to lose sight of why i’m doing it all.

i forget about the most important Reason we celebrate Christmas, and the Gift that was given to us–undeservedly.  i easily forget about Jesus coming to earth as a baby, dying as a man, and loving us as our Saviour—the One who washes away our sins.

earlier this week, i sat by the hospital bed of a friend who nearly lost her life, just 2 short weeks ago.  her heart quit beating for 15 minutes, and by God’s grace they were able to revive her.  God breathed his life back into her and today she is very much a live and on the long road to recovery.

as i sat in that hospital room with our dear friends, there was no talk of Christmas to-do lists or of waking up at home on Christmas morning, because for our friends, that’s not a reality this year.

but what i did see as i sat in that room was the real meaning of Christmas.

i saw unconditional love between a man and a woman who were just grateful to be together.

i saw a mom who was thankful that— though she’d love to be in heaven— God chose to give her more time here with her family.

i saw the tears of a husband who thought he’d be planning a funeral the week of Christmas, but instead he’s hoping to have her home for Christmas Day.

i saw Christmas in that room, but from a very different view, and i left there feeling as though i understood the real meaning of Christmas a little bit more.

Christmas isn’t about the yummy goodies, the gifts being bought and wrapped nicely, the holiday parties—though all of those things are good.

Christmas is about the people were are celebrating Jesus with.

the goodies are yummy, but the little people in my life who will enjoy the goodies are priceless.

the gifts are nice and mean a lot, but the people we are giving them to are invaluable and irreplaceable.

so today, as i look at what i’d like to accomplish, i think my view is going to be a little bit different. rather than rush through the day hoping my kids will behave so that i can accomplish something (you’ve all wished that–admit it!!) i am going to go through the day allowing my kids to be a part of what i’m doing.

i’m going to stop frequently for hugs from my most precious gifts—my kids—, and i’m going to stop at the computer quite often to email sweet and mushy notes to my husband (keeps the marriage fresh–try it!  🙂  ).

sure, i have a lot to do today, but nothing’s more important than living out Christmas before my families very eyes….

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