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the Reason for the Season…..

December 19, 2011


s i am getting ready to start a new week, i have determined that i want one thing to be at the forefront of my mind–and heart–this coming week:

Jesus and the reality that HE IS THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON.

i have caught myself numerous times in the past two weeks getting anxious and overwhelmed at all that i have on my Christmas to-do list.  and i have grumbled and complained.

but in the past few days, God has helped me to see that there is absolutely NO anxiety necessary in planning to celebrate Him.  it’s when our focus moves from Him to us that we begin to lose our perspective.

so my dear friends, my biggest goal for this week is to keep Jesus where he belongs:

the Reason for the Season.

continuing to remember his many gifts—even in the busyness of Christmas….

….the resourses to buy gifts for loved ones

….the many “secrets” floating around the house these days

….watching the kids be excited over finding the perfect gift for their siblings—often to be found in their own personal possessions

….a sweet husband excited about a few “secrets” of his own

….making (and eating—not looking at the scales this week!) our favorite Christmas goodies

….time spent with good friends

….the Hope that we, as believers have in our Redeemer

….the joy of knowing that my dad is at the feet of Jesus worshipping like never before…love you, Dad

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