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sweet reminders of his love….

November 26, 2011


t’s  hard to believe that we’re now on the other side of Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner.

we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day spent with sweet friends and lots of yummy food.  seriouly, i think i ate  and i loved it.  🙂

yesterday, our family went out and cut down our Christmas tree and pulled out the Christmas decorations.  we then spent most of this morning decorating the tree and the house.   it’s definitely looking like Christmas around here.  (did i mention that my two oldest girls are down in the basement right now wrapping Christmas gifts?)

it’s fun  watching the kids be so excited about buying or making gifts for each other and all the “secrets” going on all around us.

as i look back over these past few days, there is one thing that i am very aware of.

i am aware of the fact that God has been giving me sweet reminders of his constant, unfailing love.

as many of you know, i have been walking through some significant trials over the past 6 months.  those trials have included hormonal imbalance, depression, parenting issues, and most recently the death of my dad.

losing my dad  has hit me pretty hard, leaving me feeling empty and numb.

but as i’ve walked through these past few days, God has been giving me very real reminders of his faithfulness and love.  as we spent Thanksgiving Day with some close friends of ours, i was surrounded by the love of God through the gift of these precious friends.

i was reminded that no matter what i may go through, God has given me sweet friends who want to walk right along side me, carrying my burden.

i was reminded of the way God has used our church family to bring me comfort and care through this season.  there has not been one sunday in the past 6 months when at least one person hasn’t asked me how i’m doing with my struggles.

and since the passing of my dad, my church family has not hesitated to offer their care and support.  there have been offers for meals and i have had  friends who have simply offered me a listening ear.  over and over again.

as we went out looking for our Christmas tree yesterday, i was reminded of God’s love through the enthusiasm of my kids.  just watching them run through the trees, chasing each other and laughing together was music to my ears.

i was reminded of how very blessed i am to have my kids.  each one of them brings something unique and precious to our family, and i can’t imagine not having any one of them.

as i watched my sweet husband help the kids take turns cutting the tree down, i was reminded of how blessed i am to have this man as my life-long companion.  this man has loved me in many ways and he doesn’t hesitate to serve me in whatever ways he can.  he loves me unconditionally and he’s my biggest fan.  i never imagined how wonderful it could be to love someone like him…he’s exceeded my greatest dreams.

as i think back to all the wonderful ways God has reminded me of his love, it’s as if he has been walking beside me and whispering in my ear.  he’s telling me that i am his and that he’s aware of my heart and all that i’m going through.

he’s telling me that it’s okay to miss my dad and to not be “on top of my game” these days, because he’s got me covered.

and he’s telling me that he loves me and that he sees my tears.

and he reminds me that only he can change the hearts of my kids and bring about the changes that i so despreately want to see in them.

i’ve decided that Thanksgiving weekend is my favorite weekend of the year.  just the thrill of celebrating Thanksgiving with loved ones and then spending the long weekend enjoying my family is a sweet and memorable gift from God.

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