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dear dad…happy thanksgiving

November 23, 2011


ear Dad,

tomorrow is Thanksgiving 2011.  It’s been almost a month since you passed away and went to be with Jesus.

i didn’t know it was possible to miss someone as much as i miss you right now.  i miss you so much that it physically hurts.  there are some mornings when i don’t even want to get out of bed, because it means facing another day with the reality that you are gone.

i’ve always loved Thanksgiving, but this year i have had a hard time getting excited about it.  i’m sure that’s normal, considering that losing you is still so fresh in my mind—and my heart.

i feel like today the Lord has given me a fresh vision for tomorrow.

he has helped me to think about what Thanksgiving means for you this year.

just the thought of you spending Thanksgiving with Jesus brings a smile to my face.

just knowing that you will spend Thanksgiving with Jesus and you will KNOW who he is, is a beautiful and precious thought.

you are whole now, Dad, and alzheimers no longer has a hold on you.  that is truly something to be thankful for.

you are able to laugh now and dance and sing and praise your Savior just like you used to do.  only now, you never have to stop.

i can picture you with your arms around grandma and grandpa, telling them all about your precious grandkids, and how much you enjoyed them while you were here on earth.

you were such a gift to our family, Dad, and you have left such an impact on our lives—one that will never be forgotten.

so, as i approach tomorrow, my first Thanksgiving without you, i realize that i have so very much to be thankful for.

i have the legacy of a faithful, godly father who taught me what it means to love Jesus whole-heartedly.  you taught me that by the very way you lived your life, every single day.

happy thanksgiving, dad.  i love you and i will be forever thankful for the gift you will always be to me.

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