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grace everywhere….

October 8, 2011


t’s no secret that these past few months have been hard—really hard.  and it’s even harder knowing there’s no end in sight.

but as i was thinking about this today, and just reflecting over all  i’ve that i’ve been dealing with, one thing has stood out to me.

as i’ve walked though this, God’s grace has been all over me.

i’ve seen it in many ways and coming from various sources.

i’ve seen his grace in the kind emails that a certain friend has been sending me on a regular basis.

i’ve seen it in the care of my pastors as they have sought me out and consistently kept in touch with me, asking me how i’m doing and offering words of truth and encouragement.

i can’t help but notice his grace through my amazing husband.  can i just say that i have never felt more in love with my husband as i have in the months since dealing with this depression?  this man has gone out of his way to selflessly care for me.  he makes himself available should i need to call him at work–just to talk or simply hear his voice.

he continually draws me out, not allowing me to hide within myself, which is a common temptation these days.

he has made it very clear to me that on those nights when i just can’t sleep, that i can wake him up and he will sit up and just talk with me until i fall asleep.   i haven’t done this yet, because i hate the thought of interrupting his sleep, but i know he’d gladly do it.

he has encouraged me to let certain things go right now and to not expect too much of myself.  yet, at the same time, he encourages me to push through on the hard days, and not give up on myself.

though he can’t relate to the struggles i am having, he listens…and listens, and listens.  and he often has to bite his tongue to keep from trying to “fix” it.  🙂

i know that having this man as my husband is no small thing. he’s nothing short of a gift from God.  this man is amazing, and God knew (knows) that greg is exactly the man i would need to share my life with. (thank you, Lord!)

i’ve also seen God’s grace through the kindness of my church family.  God has brought precious women across my path who are either walking through the same thing, or have walked through it in the past, and these women have been amazing sources of encouragement and strength for me.

as i’ve listened to the radio lately, God has used the wonderful ministry of our christian radio stations to bring me songs of truth and redemption.  these songs have ministered to me in ways i can’t explain.

and speaking of music, God has used our times of corporate worship at church to minister to my heart and to wrap me up in his arms of love.  i can’t explain it, but right now, corporate worship is where i’m meeting God.  it’s the place where i am feeling him the most.  where i am being washed by the truths of his amazing love.

while i wouldn’t have chosen to walk this path or to be on this journey, God’s grace has shown me that the truths that i am learning along the way are priceless in comparison to what i’m going through.

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