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He is the answer…..

September 29, 2011


he past few days have been very interesting to say the least.

i feel as though God has just been overwhelming me with his goodness and going out of his way to speak right to my heart.

it started with my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.  my family practioner was amazing.  he listened to all of my symptoms, asked lots of questions, and gave me some things that he specifically told me to pray about.  can i just say that it does my heart good to have my own doctor tell me to pray about something.

he ran some bloodwork to check my hormone levels and my thyroid and will be getting back to me with those results in the next day or so.

he encouraged me to keep using the natural supplements i am using, and he even suggested using melatonin at night to help me sleep.

i left there feeling very cared for and was so thankful for his help.  i’ll be sure to let everyone know if the tests show anything.

on wednesday, the blessings continued.  a sweet couple from our small group invited greg and i to come over to their house last night.  they had something they wanted to share with us.  knowing this couple well, i knew God had laid something on their hearts to share with me.

let me back up and just say that i went through yesterday feeling very anxious and unsure about which route to take regarding these hormonal issues, the depression, etc.  i was still feeling that way as we headed over to this couple’s house.

when we got there, they greeted us with pizza and soft drinks and made us feel right at home.

they then went on to tell us that he (the husband) had done some research and had found some good messages (or sermons) on depression that he felt the Lord wanted him to share with me.  and rather than make copies of the messages and have me just listen to them on my own, they decided to listen to one of them along with me so that we could discuss it together.

as i listened to this pastor, my anxiety began to melt away.

and the longer i listened to him, the more i became aware of the fact that God was using this couple and this message to clearly show me which route he wanted me to go with my struggles.  and it was all i could do to not just cry through the whole message, because i was so in awe of God’s goodness and care for me.

and though i learned a ton from the pastor speaking, i think i learned even more from the couple sitting before me.

this precious couple went out of their way to remind me of God’s faithfulness and to show me that he is there for me—every second of every day.

and they told me that God wants to hear every single detail of my struggle and he wants to be my strength.

the wife made a comment that blew me away…she said,

if our heart and mind is filled with the Word of God and with worship music, then there is absolutely NO room for other things in our mind.

sure, other things will come up and try to get into our minds, but when our minds our filled with the Word of God, then it’s easier to refute those negative things.

i could go on and on with all this precious couple shared with me, but it would take all day to type it all out.

to sum it up, i left there convinced that i had met with God.

i left there more aware of God’s goodness that i was of my struggle.

and i left there knowing clearly what God wants from me.

He wants my heart.  he wants me to see him—every moment of every day—as my Rock, as my healer, and as the One who can meet my every need.

every need.

that includes relief from this battle with depression.

it includes help for these crazy hormones of mine.

and while i know that trusting God and going to him with all of this doesn’t guarantee quick relief or healing, i DO know that what i’m going through is a small price to pay for what God is going to do in me.

as we were leaving this sweet couples house, they told us that the reason they invited us over was because God had used a message by one of our pastors on how to reach out and encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord to prompt them to reach out to me.  they said they have been praying for me daily since that time.

on the way home, i shared with my husband that these two precious saints were living out the verse that says,

bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ…

i can’t tell you how blessed i feel to have been cared for in this way.

God is so faithful…

all. the. time.

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  1. September 29, 2011 1:34 pm

    Oh Patty, how kind of the Lord to lay you on the hearts of this dear couple. I am encouraged just reading about their care for you. I pray that God will use yesterday evening along with many more instances of others reaching out and caring for you to help you to find your joy and hope in the Lord as you see His steadfast love for you.

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