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one more thing….

September 27, 2011


know i posted earlier today, but i just had to share something that just came up!  i mentioned before that i have been talking to my primary dr. and get this:

when i shared with his nurse ALL of the symptoms i’ve been experiencing, do you know what he said?????

he suggested to his nurse that—are you ready for this??—maybe my female hormones are imbalanced?

can you believe that??????

i almost fell off my chair when she said that!  my gynie(who happens to be a woman and is older than me) wouldn’t even consider the idea of me having a hormonal imbalance, and here my MALE primary physician suggests that very thing!!!!

not only that, BUT he is MORE THAN WILLING—did you get that???he’s more than willing—to not only test my thyroid and cortisol level, BUT he’s more than willing to test my hormone levels!!!!!

you may wonder why on earth i’m so excited about this.  well, just let me tell you why.

it’s because i couldn’t find any other doctor who would even consider the possibility of me being in premenopause, and the one doctor who i’ve known for over 10 years and didn’t even think to go to with this stuff is the one who is more than willing to help me!!!!!

i see this as no small thing.

i see it as a God-thing.

totally and completely.  without a doubt.

a God-thing.

now don’t get me wrong.  i’m not saying that my dr. is going to cure me.  but i do know that he is willing to work with me.  to help me.  and to treat me in whatever way he can.

and believe me, that’s a good thing.  a very good thing.

God is so faithful.  without a doubt.


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