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hello vegas!

September 25, 2011


ast week was a very special week for me.

i had the awesome privilege of spending most of the week with my best friend from highschool.

on tuesday, i boarded a plane and headed out to las vegas for 4 wonderful days of reminiscing, relaxation, and fun.

and the coolest part of all: she didn’t know i was coming!

when her husband called me way back in may, asking me if i could possibly fly out and surprise her for her 40th birthday, i jumped at the chance.

my friend’s husband, along with the help of her father, helped me come up with the perfect, yet sneaky way of surprising her—and it worked!

once i arrived in vegas, danita’s dad picked me up from the airport, and from there we preceded to head to the local walmart where aaron would soon be bringing danita “to get groceries”.

so here we were, danita’s dad and i, hanging out in the produce section, casting quick glances at the front door of the store, anxiously waiting for them to come in.

once they came through the door, danita’s dad texted aaron and told him where we were.   aatron sneakily suggested to danita that they go get some produce first.  as i hid by the potatoes, watching them come my way, danita’s dad had found a perfect spot to spy and take pictures.

once danita and aaron had gotten over by the lettuce, i then proceeded to come up from behind danita and “bumped” into her.  i then told her to watch where she was going.  she quickly turns around to get a view of the lady who had rudely bumped into her, only to find that it was me.

only she didn’t realize it was me right away.  no.  she stood there in complete shock, staring at me with her mouth hanging open.(as her dad and hubby snapped pictures  🙂 !)

and then, once she realized that it really was me, she started crying and said, “my friend!!!, my friend” as she hugged me tightly.

what a sweet reunion!  and a successful surprise!!

we had a wonderful week just catching up, sharing memories, and just enjoying each other’s company.

her and her husband treated me out to lunch a few times and then to a wonderful dinner at cheesecake factory—can i just say that i had the best fried shrimp ever?????

not only that, but danita’s hubby bought tickets for danita and i to go see the broadway production of Lion King—it was simply amazing.

as i reflect back on that time with my sweet friend, i realized how very blessed i am to have a BFF  like her.

one who, no matter how long between visits, can just pick up where we left off—like no time has passed.

someone who has known me since jr. highschool, when i was a boy crazy girl who liked to be the life of the party, and yet loves me unconditionally.

one who has walked with me through many trials and has never given up on me, even when i wanted to give up on myself.

she is a wonderful gift from God and i am so thankful to my wonderful husband for willingly and joyfully sending me out there for almost a week, knowing that he’d have a heavier load with me gone.

and what a sweet reunion when i came home.  hubby and the kids cleaned the house, did the laundry, and tidied up their bedrooms!!  not only that, but my hubby treated us to dinner in chicago after they picked me up at the airport.

what a sweet gift from God…a wonderful week without the struggle of depression and the heat of my crazy hormones.

i am truly grateful…..

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  1. September 25, 2011 8:33 pm

    Praise God! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time, Patty!

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