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savoring the little “bites”….

September 17, 2011


his week i came across a gem.  as i was looking around on for something, i was referred to this sweet little devotional by Holley Gerth, Rain on Me.

this devotional came from holley’s heart… was her way of sharing with others what God has taught her as she’s walked through various storms in her life.

it’s a small little book, with each devotional being easy to read and only a few pages long.  at the end of each devotional, holley asks a few questions, with spaces for you to write in your answers.  in the end, i will end up with a journal of what God has been teaching me as i walk through this “storm”.

one of the things that God has been showing me this week is that it’s okay for me to just “nibble” at times.  what i mean is, i can often feel guilty for not reading huge portions of scripture and spending lots of time in my devotions.

but to be honest, in this season, i just can not read a lot at one time.  mainly because i have to read and reread things to even be able to retain it these days.  and quite frankly, a little goes a long ways at times, and sticks with me more than long passages do.

but i had been feeling guilty about this.  guilty that i wasn’t reading loads of verses each morning, meditating on each one for minutes at a time, and then praying for an hour beyond that.

but this week, through this little devotional, God showed me something very special.

he showed me that his Word is like food for my soul.  and just like there are days when we are physically ravenous and want to just eat, eat, and eat some more, there are also days when we just nibble.

we nibble and we enjoy the food even more because we’re taking our time and really savoring every bite.

i believe that we can go through seasons where we can’t read enough of God’s word and we can take in every single passage we read, and then read some more.

but i also believe we can go through seasons where we are hungry, even desperate for God’s Word, and yet, we can only take it little bits at a time.  and i now know that that’s okay.

because i believe that God has something for me in those little “bites” of Scripture.  and i believe that it’s those little “bites” of Scripture that are going to carry me through this season.

i also believe that God can use other means to minister to us in the dark times.  for me, that means would be corporate worship.

right now, i can hear a worship song at home and enjoy it.  but, there’s something about being in worship on sunday mornings, surrounded by fellow believers worshipping together that the Lord is using to minsiter to me the most.  and that’s okay.

i’m learning to accept that things aren’t what they used to be, but that God has brought me to this place and he has a perfectly good plan for my life.  and wether that means i can read the bible for hours at a time or simply 5 minutes, God can and WILL use that time to speak to my heart…..

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