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a wonderful weekend

September 13, 2011


his past week i had the privilege of spending a few days with someone very special to me—my mom.

last thursday, my sweet mom celebrated her 60th birthday.  now, to look at my mom, you’d never guess that she’s 60.  she looks more like she’s maybe 50, or even younger.  more than once, people have asked if her and i are sisters when we’re out together!  that’s quite a compliment for me!

my sweet husband encouraged me to go spend a few days alone with mom for her birthday and i jumped at the chance.

it’s not too often that mom and i get some uninterrupted girl time.

so i drove down last wednesday and stayed through friday.

can i just say that we had a blast?!

we were very spontaneous and just did things on a whim—with NO time schedule.

we went to visit my grandma, who i hadn’t seen in 4 years.  what a treat that was!  and my grandma was thrilled.  she did inform me however, that i need to come back SOON, and BRING YOUR KIDS AND HUBBY WITH YOU!

we also visited some other relatives who were pleasantly surprised to have us drop in on them.

we giggled a lot and even got pulled over on the way home.  tee, hee.  it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, really.  it was just funny because it was totally innocent, yet we felt like school girls getting caught out after curfew!  and the policeman was very nice and didn’t give us a ticket. ( just for the record, i wasn’t driving!  i had to make that clear, lest there be any confusion or speculation on the matter.)

in case i’ve never shared this with you before, to me, my mom is a hero.  she wouldn’t agree with that, but in my eyes, she truly is.

she is one of the strongest women i know and i admire her more than she’ll ever know.

she’s walked through more these past 5 years than most people walk through in a lifetime, and she’s stood up under it all.  it’s been hard.  it’s been devastating.  and it’s certainly not what she would have chosen.  but her faith has remained strong and she knows that God is good.

spending those days with her was very theraputic for me, and i think for her as well.

it was a time for us to just throw away the schedules and just enjoy life.  a time to laugh and enjoy the friendship that we share.  a time to reflect on dad and know that we’re both missing him like crazy.

so, while it’s always good to get back home after a trip, i wouldn’t trade those days with my sweet mom for any thing in the world.

i love you mom…..

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  1. September 13, 2011 1:43 pm

    What a sweet post on your visit with you mom. I miss my mom so much so I would say enjoy as many moment with your mom as you can. I treasure my memories of our times together. I think the relationship with you mom is so sweet when you are an adult with your own children.
    Loved the read and keep one enjoying the moments!

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