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multitude monday….

September 5, 2011

he is a light in the darkness,

a cool drink in the desert.

he is always there and he will never leave.

he delights in showering me with his grace,

and his supply of mercy never ends.

he picks me up when i fall,

and he leads me when i can’t find my own way.

his plans for me are good,

and his ways are always better than mine.

continuing to count his many gifts…….

…..the freedom to worship as a community

…..the privilege of being a mommy

…..two successful weeks of homeschooling underway

…..his job

…..a christian employer

…..the gift of our small group

…..knowing that i am his, and he is mine

…..raindrops on the window

…..the rainbow after todays rain–a reminder that his promises are true

…..losing 2 pounds!!!!

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  1. September 5, 2011 1:46 pm

    Sweet gifts!

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