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back to square one…

September 4, 2011


shared on here a while back that during my recent annual visit to my  gynocologist, she told me that i still have abdominal seperation and that it may never close up.

translated, she means that because of the abdominal seperation, i will never be able to close the gap and tone up the rest of my abdominal mucles, thus eliminating any possiblity of having a smaller, more toned tummy.

well, as you can imagine, i was NOT happy with her diagnosis.  especially since it was her who told me two years ago that the seperation was closed up.  had i known it wasn’t completely closed, i wouldn’t have started doing pilates and other ab exercises, which can actually cause an abdominal seperation to get worse.

and, i wouldn’t have been wondering why on earth it has been taking SO LONG for these crazy abs to tone up and get smaller.

not to mention, i am getting really tired of being asked if i’m expecting….no joke, people ask me all. the. time.

and i get that, because i am thin all over, and then i have this, shall we say, “pooch” that causes me to look–well,you know— pregnant.

anyway, i decided that i wasn’t satisfied with that diagnosis and i emailed the gal who had coached me a few years ago on abdominal seperation.  her name is helene byrne and she is certified in helping women recover and regain their core strength after having babies.

after sharing with helene (thru email) what my doctor said, she began to ask me questions about my abdominals.  she had me perform some simple tests to see how weak/strong my abs are and how big the seperation is.  through some evaluation, helene told me that my abdominal wall is functioning properly, and that the seperation should close just fine if i do the exercises that she recommends.

basically, i have to strengthen the transverse abdominals before i can begin to work on the other ab muscles.  the reason for that is that the transverse abs act like a girdle and hold the tummy in.  if the transverse abs are weak and lax (like mine) the tummy will pooch and be very weak.

helene recommends a few exercises to start out with that will strenthen the TVA enough to be able to stay strong during other ab exercises–like a stabilizer of sorts.  she told me to do those for 3 weeks, until i can see a difference in how my tummy looks while performing the exercises, and then i can move on to the next level of exercises that she recommends.

i am so excited about the possibility of actually being able to have strong abs and no “pooch”!  or at least a smaller “pooch” anyway.

i’m going to be traveling off and on over the course of the next few weeks, so it will be hard to do thses exercises consistently until the end of the month, but i am going to try.

and if, for some reason, my tummy never gets as small as i’d like it to, i will still be thankful that i have 5 healthy, beautiful children as a reminder that this tummy was well worth it!

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