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September 3, 2011


ver the course of the summer, i gained a few pounds.  that’s not too surprising to me, especially since we went on vacation and camping and little weekend trips here and there.  and thankfully, it was only a few pounds, which is nice.

one thing i have noticed though, is that since i started my battle with depression a couple of months ago, i have had very little self-control when it comes to food.

granted, i am allergic to dairy, so i’m not sitting around eating ice cream and ho-hos all day long (though that does sound quite yummy to me right now 🙂  ), but i am finding that i am very much drawn to sweets and carbs right now more than anything else—not a good thing.  and i’ve been more careless with how many Starbucks peppermint mochas i’ve been allowing myself each week as well, which isn’t good on the waist OR the budget.  but seriously, if you’ve never tried one, you should–they’re amazing!

so last week, when my oldest daughter approached me and asked me if i would be okay with her doing weight watchers (on her own–i own some point trackers from when i used to do WW), i agreed to do it with her.

it has been amazing to me how much more self-control i’ve had this week, knowing that i will be writing down everything i eat, and racking up the POINTs.  i have been pretty consistent with staying within my POINTs range, with the exception of one day when i totally blew it for smores late that night (tell me, who can say NO to a s’more???) and i have actually lost a couple of pounds!

while i’m not here to do an advertisement for weight watchers (even though it worked for me and i lost 39pounds!!!) i will say that following it has taught me a lot about self-control.  just by being back on it for one week now, my mind has totally gone back to analalizing every item that i am tempted to eat, and has me thinking about making a healthier choice for less POINTs.

and oh the joy, when i find that i still have my 5 flex points left at the end of the day…bring on the dessert!

the most important thing that i have learned from starting up weight watchers again, is the fact that i have apparently been relying on food to bring me comfort on the hard days.

i realized that when i started logging everything i was eating…i realized that i had to say no to a lot of foods that had become a regular part of my everyday life lately.

realizing this helped me to bring my focus back to jesus…the only source of true comfort.

while i know that god doesn’t expect us to deny ourselves yummy foods, he does want us to eat them in moderation, and NOT use them as a source of comfort, or as a replacement for him.

i love chocolate and starbucks and all kinds of wonderful foods, but i want my family to see that i love god more.  i want them to see me praying for strength on the hard days, rather than watching me buy my 4th starbucks that week–all because it’s been a hard day–again.

i’m thankful to god for using something as simple as weight watchers to bring this to my attention.  and i’m thankful that he delights in being my strength and in carrying me through the hard times……..

please know that i am in no way saying that we should never treat ourselves to things we enjoy, OR that it’s wrong to go to starbucks four times in one week.  i’m simply saying that for me, i was using these things as a crutch….

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