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school’s in session…..

September 2, 2011


e’ve successfully made it through the first two weeks of the new school year, and i must say, i am surprised at how well it has gone.  🙂

the kids have adjusted well to getting back into their school work, and the new routine is coming along.  i’ve sort-of been using september as the “easing in” month for school, so we haven’t yet done a whole day of the new schedule.

i have seen areas here and there where i do need to tweak things a bit, such as the fact that i can’t start my kindergartener and first grader on their math at the same time–unless i want to lose my mind.  🙂

and as much as i anticipated my kids struggling with the new routine and having more structure, i am realizing that i am struggling with it more than they are.

on the days that i make myself get up and do the things that i know i NEED to do before the kids get up, i find that i feel more prepared and ready for the day.  however, on the other hand, when i sleep in, don’t exercise, and sit at the computer until the kids are up, i find that i start my day feeling rushed, unprepared, and totally NOT ready for the day— and i hate that feeling.

i just can’t figure out for the life of me why on earth i balk so much at routine, especially when i know it’s good for me and that i definitely reap the benfits of it.

not only that, but my kids benefit from routine as well.  they know what to expect and having some structure eliminates a bit of the temptation they have to constantly ask to do things thy aren’t allowed to do until later in the day–after the school work is done.

i want my kids to learn that even when life is hard, we still have to go on.  we can’t put everything on hold because of challenges in our lives.

i am finding these days that it is very easy for me to slack on certain things mainly because i am just not feeling up to much and it seems easier to let things go rather than deal with them.

however, i am realizing that by slacking in training my kids, i am creating MORE problems for myself and in fact, training them to disobey.  they need to know that even when mommy’s having a hard day, obedience is still required.  that training may have to look a bit different on the hard days, but it still needs to happen.

i want my kids to see that even though mommy is walking through a dark valley, her desire is still to trust and obey God.  and that even on the hard days, God is still her source and her Strength.

i also want them to see that it’s okay for mommy to admit her weaknesses and her despreate need for jesus, because it’s in my weakness that his power is most seen……

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  1. September 2, 2011 3:14 pm

    I remember when I wasn’t feeling well and had some health concerns that it was difficult to stay in a routine. I don’t know why it is that when you know what can make you feel and function better is so hard to do, but it is. I always knew if I got up early before the children and got myself ready for the day and had prayers and scripture study the day would go so smooth. I am sure it was because I had the spirit more with me.
    I have been worried about you and I found a web site you might look at. You can call for a free DVE 801-576-1155. The ad states the following. Your are Not losing your mind. You are losing your hormones!
    I of course don’t know if that is the problem; but that was my problem several years ago.
    Blessings to you an keep on enjoying the moments!

    • September 2, 2011 6:48 pm


      thank you for your thoughtfulness and for the link…i plan to check it out!

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