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walk with him wednesdays….

August 24, 2011


here are days when i wonder if i’m making any difference AT ALL in the lives of these children God has given to me.

i mean, really, what good am i doing on the days when i’m impatient and snappy in my responses to them?

and how on earth could they possibly see the love of God in such an imperfect mommy?

some times i worry that i’m ruining them and that they will grow up having no respect for me at all.

but then, in a tight hug from a sweet, blue-eyed boy, i am reminded of the truth.

the truth that i belong to Jesus, and that any good in me or any good that comes out of me, it all belongs to him.

it’s the truth that because i belong to him, i am declared righteous and that my sins are no longer held against me.

oh, and that beautiful truth that he died–for me–to conquer sin and death, so that i might be free.

when i look at things through that lense, i can see that i don’t have to be a perfect mommy, because He was perfect in my place.

and i won’t always be a patient mommy, but i can set an example of humilty before my kids by asking them for forgiveness when i’m impatient with them.

and you know, i can’t possibly ruin them because they belong to God too.  he gave them the mommy who is perfect for them, AND he gave me the kids that are perfect for me.

and that’s why we’re a family—so that we can learn how to love the imperfect.  so we can learn how to be patient.

our home is our practice ground for real life, and as long as our home is built on the Solid Rock, we will not fall.

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