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real life. at home.

August 16, 2011


thought i might share a day in the lives of our family……..hopefully it won’t scare you too much.

i spent the morning grocery shopping by myself, going to 4 differnt stores in order to get the best deals.  foolish of me, i know.

i then come home to my sweet wonderful children, who graciously offer to help me unload the van and put away the groceries–all without complaning and without any mishaps.

i then quickly get lunch on the table without any of the kids running wildly through the house and screaming at the top of their luings.

and not once did any of the kids come to me and tell on a sibling for doing something to them…not once.  no siree, i was able to come home to pure bliss and my sweet angels made me never want to leave again.  🙂


well, don’t be, because that was all a dream.

in reality, what really happened, is that i came home from a long morning of grocery shopping–yes, at 4 different stores–and my kids DID help me unload the van,and for the most part- without mishap.

that is,  until i was preparing to get the pizzas in the oven…then things went crazy.  or should i say THEY went crazy.  these sweet little munchkins who had a fun morning while i was gone, all of a sudden turned into wild banshees (does anyone really even know what a banshee is??  i just like the sound of it).

first i hear the thunderous sound of them running through the house.  and then up the stairs.

and then i hear the screaming.  first it’s happy screaming…you know, the kind of screaming i’m sure banshees must do.

and then i hear the loud THUD, followed by the screaming of one of my older kids who had “fallen” down the first set of stairs before landing on the first landing.  let me add that this child fell because she was playing around with her siblings at the top of the stairs before she was “playfully”

pushed down the stairs, resulting in a nice rug burn on her knee.  natural consequence?  i mean, how many times do i have to tell them to NOT play by the stairs?  sorry, i got side tracked.

the next thing i know, i hear yet another child screaming at a younger sibling that he is disgusting.  i mean, can you believe that one of my kids called a sibling disgusting?   upon further investigation (and while still trying to soothe the child with the scraped knee) i come to find out that the younger child (who shall remain nameless) was repeatedly hitting an older sibling with his wet pull-up from last night.  and not only was he hitting her with it, but chunks of the gel stuff that is inside the pull ups was flying all over the floor…the carpeted floor.

and did i mention that the pull-up was wet?  loaded.

have you ever tried picking up clumps of pee soiled gel?  not pretty.

and i wish i could say that i was a cheerful mommy while cleaning it up…..but i wasn’t.  and now that i think of it, i should’ve had the culprit clean it up.  i’ll have to remember that for next time.

so, in case any of you ever think that your household is crazy and that your kids are wild and you’re losing your mind, i just wanted you to know that you’re not alone.  🙂

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