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so much to be thankful for…..

August 15, 2011


s i reflect back over the past few days, i am aware of how good God has been.
we spent the end of last week camping with some friends from church.  i’m not much of a camper, but spending time with these precious friends

is a wonderful motivator for me to go along.
we had lots of fun just sitting around and talking and we laughed A.L.O.T.
i realized as i sat with these friends that these aren’t just any old friends.  these are the people who live life with me.

these are the people who laugh with me.

these are the people who cry with me when life is seems too much to bear.

and these are the people who help me stand back up when i fall.

they have watched me walk through alzheimers with my dad, and they have loved me all the way.

they are currently watching me walk through depression and hormonal struggles, and they are there for me ALL. THE. TIME. WITHOUT. FAIL.

they know my weaknesses and yet, they love me anyway.  as a matter-of-fact, they encourage me in the areas where i’m weak, and they rejoice

when i see growth.

they know my strengths and they faithfully remind me of who i am in Christ.

they watch my kids when my husband and i want to get away and they love them like their own.

these wonderful people are a gift from God, one that i don’t take for granted.

as i sat in church yesterday and watched the way love is so easily spread there, i was in awe that God would bring me to such a place.

in awe that he knew exactly where my family needed to be and when we needed to be there.

we serve a faithful loving God who shows his love in so many ways…..ways that we often don’t even realize right away.

  1. the gift of faithful friends
  2. beautiful weather for camping
  3. humble church leadership
  4. my handsome husband who serves me in so many ways, expecting nothing in return
  5. 4 kids who are still young enough to want to sit on my lap
  6. little boys who think mommy is beautiful
  7. sweet daughters who love spending time with me
  8. my husbands job and his faithful employers
  9. my sins are forgiven
  10. the cross……
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  1. August 15, 2011 2:41 pm

    Amen. It’s sounds like you have a wonderful community. I like your list too!

  2. August 15, 2011 2:46 pm

    This was a very sweet post today. I loved your gratitude list and all of your thoughts on wonderful friends.
    Keep on enjoying those moments!

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